Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Music Industry

The music industry used to be unpredictable. New bands would be signed to major record labels without so much as a couple songs written. Nowadays a band is only signed to a major label once they have already come out with some really good music that is pretty well received by their fans. And yes they also need to already have a fan base. Not only that but you better have played a bunch of shows, or else your probably not worthy of being signed. The artists who come out with successful albums today most likely already had a semi succesful EP. Here are three cases which make my point.
First: Katy Perry. She is awesome in my opinion. Love her music. The first song I heard by her was “Your So Gay” along with the music video. That song was so edgy at the time (not so long ago, I know). When I heard this song, however, Katy Perry was not the household name it is now. I read on Wikipedia that actually this video was intentionally released to “create online buzz.” And it definitely did. Look at her now.’ The thing is, she had already done plenty of musical work between her first album in 2001 and “Ur So Gay” in 2008. Her next album however, was the major hit album “Teenage Dream.”
The next artist is Macklemore. Amazing rapper. Hugely successful. First song/video I heard from him? “Otherside” This video is so heavy, and so meaningful. He used samples from Red Hot Chili Peppers song with the same name to talk about his own drug problems. Macklemore had a much more self driven musical career than Katy Perry. Katy had been signed to a major label since before “One of the Boys.” Macklemore on the other hand is currently signed to a label called “Macklemore”… He did a lot of work on his own, and I give him credit for it.
Last but not least comes an awesome band that just dropped their first big album. “Issues” The first song/video I saw of these guys was “Princeton Ave.”

This song hit me because of the hip hop style vocals alongside the heavy screams. I knew that these guys were good. And so did the indie record label Rise Records. The next thing I knew, they were coming out with a new album under Rise Records. It was just dropped two days ago and it doesn’t let you down. Plenty of energy and a very new sound. They are unlike most hardcore bands in that they work in some elements of electro, with DJ scratch sounds, and pop style vocals. But I am not surprised, because it keeps happening over and over again. If a new artist comes out with a successful video on YouTube, they will soon come out with a successfull album.