A Story

In the beginning God created the Heavens. He filled them with Stars which created light. Then he created the planets, and he chose Earth to be special. On Earth he created Life, and he knew that Life would flourish here. As the plants and animals grew and evolved he chose Humans to be the rulers of this planet. He gave Humans knowledge of Good and Evil, and told them to make every decision using this knowledge. Some understood this and others did not. God showed Himself through the power of Nature, and gave Humans all that they needed, but the Humans wanted more.
Throughout history we have craved Gods Love and Energy, but we found different ways of obtaining such Energy. We found that by taking control from others we could steal their energy, and it felt good. Those that mastered Control and Power were able to build monuments and statues in their name. Sometimes they created lies in order to keep the masses from realizing that they were being taken advantage of.
In the ancient times great civilizations were built through the use of slaves, and those in power claimed to be gods themselves. They were even able to demand praise from the masses. When the Roman Empire was spreading all throughout the known world, God spoke to the masses through a prophet named Jesus, and told them that there is only one God, and that it is unholy to worship Earthly things. Those with the power to read and write began to disseminate God’s Word, and God’s followers gathered in Churches to hear what was written.
Then the rulers of Earth once again took control, this time from within the Church. Their influence was impossible to escape. They added lies to the religious teachings in order to once again keep the masses at bay. God chose to intervene again through a monk named Martin Luther. Luther spread the truth about the Church leaders who were spreading lies. He told the masses to seek truth within the Bible which was the Holy Word of God.
Humankind had lost trust in its leaders, and took it upon themselves to find Truth. Scientists throughout the world went out into Nature in order to make sense of this planet. More and more people learned to read and write and began to find truth in books and scientific studies. Meanwhile religious leaders argued over the Bible for years and years until the Church broke apart into a thousand different groups.
Some groups taught that Jesus was God, and that the most important thing in Life was to accept this single fact as the Truth. Some groups taught that Truth could be found within yourself, and that God was now unimportant. Still others believed that God was important, but that Jesus was not God. The term God was thrown around so much that it lost its meaning. Little did we know, that God was there all along.
Today we use the term Spirituality to describe the Energy of God. Anyone who loves God is filled with Spirituality. It is important to understand Spirituality, because without it, we can become addicted to gaining Energy through Control. To love God is to allow Him to work through you. God is Life, and so to love God is to love Life. To fill yourself with Gods energy allows you to let go of the need to Control others.
Once we learn how to connect with God, we can become connected to one another. Everyone has the ability to connect with God. For some, it is through meditation. For some it is through prayer. Still others can connect with God through the beauty of Nature. Once we learn all of the different ways to connect with God, we will begin to accept others.
All humans have the ability to recognize right from wrong. Morality has a common thread through all cultures of the world, and yet still we feel the need to disagree over minor details. Morality is a subjective trait. No moral judgment can be applied universally. Laws only serve as limitations, and to limit yourself is to close yourself off from your greatest opportunities. Communication is the best and only way to spread Truth.
Today we live in the information age, and some may say that we are in information overload. We now have to choose which information we want to expose ourselves to. Art, humor, entertainment, news, we crave it every day, but what about Spirituality? Have we forgotten that it is the most important aspect of our lives? That it is the only way to fill ourselves with God’s Energy?
I call myself a Philosopher, because I search for the Truth. More importantly I search for Spiritual Truth. It is easy for us to find out the truth about earthly things, but for some reason we have a really hard time agreeing on Spiritual Truth. As a Philosopher I also must look at the nature of Truth. What makes something true? If life is simply a perception of the real world, then we all can have our own version of the truth, but in order to work together in Society, we must agree on the way we want to live.
Much like how the individual cells of our bodies work together to keep us alive, we also as humans must work together to keep the Earth alive. It should be our highest priority to take care of our planet, because it is the sum total of all of us, and it is synonymous with taking care of ourselves. The Spirit of the Earth is our God, and She must be worshipped as such. Much like the Father plants his seed in the Mother, God the Father placed us on Earth.
It should be our goal to take care of one another. To let go of our selfish ways and accept our Earthly brothers and sisters. The only way to spread love is to spread love. You cannot force someone to love you. You can only show them what it is to be loved. Positivity can only create more positivity and negativity can only create more negativity. Hate will only create more hate, and acceptance will create acceptance. We must concentrate on what we can see right now in front of us. Take care of the problems in your community in order to make the world a better place.
One of the biggest problems in our society is the disparity of wealth. Those in power are still in power. They are the same people who were in Control of the ancient civilizations, and as we have seen throughout history, the best way to take back the power is through Spiritual Awakening. Those who allow themselves to be taken advantage of, only do so because they don’t know how to allow God into their hearts. God is the universal source of Energy, like the Sun is our planet’s only source of Energy.
The Truth has power, and the Truth is that everyone has the ability to accept God into their hearts. Now this phrase has also been misunderstood. I am not talking about a specific god from a specific religion. It doesn’t take holy water or a holy man. There are many ways to allow God into your body.
God flows through us when we are in a loving state. It is impossible to hold onto this loving state indefinitely, but it is important to always try to be in a loving state, so that you can more often enjoy the presence of God. When you are sitting at the beach enjoying the beauty of a sunset, God will fill your heart. When you are able to help someone to achieve happiness, God will enter your heart. When you can forget about the problems that have happened in your past, God will bring Peace to your mind. When you can let go of the worries you have for your future, God will take control of your life.
Now as I said, only through God can we bring order to Society. We have spent thousands of years mastering earthly things, and we have gained control over the planet, but we have forgotten to care for Her. We have spent this time figuring out how to get along in society, but we have allowed those in power to take control. They have set laws in place to hold us down. They have created a structure that allows them to stand above us. We must allow God to work through us in order to bring harmony into the world.
Harmony can only come if we can all agree on the Truth about Spirituality. It is our disagreements that makes us weak. Look at the magnificent buildings and cities and roads and cars that we created when we worked together. Look at the complexity of the industries. The food industry is able to bring anything you want to the grocery store. The medical industry is able to bring all types of medicine to your Hospital. The media industry has filled every house in America with a TV, a Computer, and a Cell Phone. Now with this incredible infrastructure, we can work together to create harmony to Spirituality.
I believe it is our purpose to unite. Once we realize that we are one Humanity, then we will be able to let go of our differences and look for similarities. To concentrate on our differences only brings hate, and when you hate someone, you are consumed by this hate. Your hate will spread to those around you like a virus. We must stop the hate, by spreading love, and the only way to spread love is to spread understanding.
Through technology we have the ability to spread Truth, but we also have the ability to spread Lies. The Truth can prevail if only it is heard, but those in power do not wish for it to be heard. Every president throughout history has spread so-called Christian values, but they use these values against us like the Romans used them against the ancient people. They add lies to their speeches in order to obtain control. No one in their right mind would allow some people to have 10 houses and 10 cars while others have nothing. In order to work together against this injustice, it will be our goal to spread the Truth about God. God does not wish for the separation of world religions, He hopes that we can find the Truth through thoughtful communication. If everyone has the ability to connect with God, then we must denounce those who claim to be right and that all others are wrong. Anyone who claims that their religion is the Truth is spreading lies.
We have entered an age where people are leaving religion behind. Religion is based on a limited worldview. We now have the ability to communicate with people on the other side of the world, and we are finding out that they have a completely different worldview. Eastern Philosophy revolves around choosing a middle path between excess and desperation. We have learned from Eastern Philosophers that meditation and yoga can clear the mind of negative energy and allow God’s love to enter.
Through communication with others we have found many ways to allow God into our lives, but the media continues to try and convince us that happiness lies in material possessions. We all know deep down that true happiness comes from a balance of physical needs, mental needs, and spiritual needs. Of course we need food to live, but we have become obsessed with these physical needs to the point of gluttony. Our mental needs are being solved by pills which are meant for physical needs. Our spiritual needs are being ignored which only leads to more physical and mental problems. These three parts of our lives need to be balanced out in order to live a complete life.
The only way to bring Spiritual Harmony to the world is to find Truth. The Truth is that God will provide you with all that you need in this life. When we realize this, we can let go of our anxiety. The Truth is that God’s love will fill us with the Energy we need to get through the day. Physical and Mental health will follow, if we balance our lives with proper diet, loving thoughts, and a connection with God. A connection with God comes through an acceptance of others. When we look at someone we love, we send our energy to them. They are filled with this energy, and they feel better. Then when they look back at you, they are able to send the energy right back to you. This cyclical exchange is called love. When it grows in intensity, we become addicted to this love and latch onto the person giving it to us, but people are not an eternal source of energy. The only true source of Love is God. That is why we must allow those we love to go out into the world to receive God’s love in Nature.
We can receive Energy through things that inspire us. Whether it be art, movies, music, or nature. We all know the feeling of inspiration. It is an overwhelming feeling that we can do something with our lives. When we feel inspired, we sometimes use this inspiration to create beautiful art or music, which in turn inspires others. Inspiration is one form of Energy that can be exchanged from person to person, but it is only another form of God’s love.
We can receive energy through Beauty. When we see something that is beautiful, then we are filled with adoration. This adoration can lead to temptation, but it is important to enjoy beauty without becoming tempted to take it. Beauty should be shared, and only problems arise when you try and keep all the beauty for yourself.
We can also receive energy though accomplishment. When we complete a difficult task, we are filled with pride, but this can lead to a feeling of superiority. It is important to never fill yourself with such non-sense, for every record can be broken and every monument can be surpassed. Thank God for the work He allowed you to do, and share it with the world freely and without arrogance.
Lastly, we can receive energy straight from the source. When you are feeling down, simply concentrate on God’s love and purposely fill yourself with it. Our minds have the power to get rid of negative energy and when you rid yourself of negative energy, positive energy is free to enter. You can do this by counting your blessings, letting go of the past, and being hopeful for the future.


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