What does Society Need

I think society needs a place to go that doesn’t cost anything. We have put a price on everything, and that price makes it part of the money system. People need a place to escape from the money system. I admit that the money system works well for us, but it is not all there is. Traditionally we would go to church on Sundays, and that was a place for people to hear about God and Spiritual things, but it was also an escape from the money system. It was a place where we would give instead of be charged. Today fewer and fewer people attend church, because the church has become stuck on a few things. The church has recently hit a wall that it can’t get past. We have entered an age of free information. The internet has become a place to find answers, and so it has replaced the church as the main place to go pray for help. The internet has replaced the church as the authority on truth, but the internet lacks the human experience that we all desire. Going to work is not a real human experience, because you have to fake it. You have to act like you like your boss, and you have to do things you normally wouldn’t do, because you want to get paid that money! Then you go to the store and you look for stuff to buy, and you don’t really care about the sales people because you know they are just trying to sell you stuff. So if your buying or selling then you aren’t interacting with people like you normally would if it weren’t for the money system.
Secondly, there needs to be a public space for debating political issues. It has bee said that you shouldn’t discuss religion or politics with friends, because it often starts a fight, but we can’t totally ignore these subjects! These are two of the most important subjects on Earth! So if we had a place to come discuss spiritual and political issues, we could make an agreement to keep it civil and avoid getting too emotional.
I think that we need something to replace the Church that is failing us.


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