Who should we worship?

God of course! But who is our God? This is something we tend to disagree upon as a society. We are a bit confused about this illusive topic. What does my God want me to do? Well the answer is simple. If God is your creator then simply ask the question for yourself: who created you? Your parents did of course! Worship your parents then. They brought you life, and they went further then that. After you were born, they raised you to be the person you are today. Even if your parents didn’t raise you, maybe other family members did. Maybe someone who wasn’t even related to you raised you. Thank God for the people who raised us. Secondly, who continues to give you life every day? The people who make the food you eat, and bring you the water that you drink. They are to worshiped as well! Thank God for those people, because we would not be alive without them. Thirdly, what allows these farmers to grow the food that we eat? Well the Earth and the Sun of course! Worship our planet for giving us life sustaining foods. Without this planet we would surely all be dead. Praise be to planet Earth for her life giving sustenance! And what sort of worship should we partake in? What sort of praise does our planet demand? Only that we take care of her as well. We need to take care of our environment in order to keep our planet alive. We also need to take care of our friends and family, to thank them for the wonderful gifts that they have given us. Life itself is our God. We must give thanks everyday, and continue to work to stay alive. Life itself is what we strive for, and in this modern age, God is no longer a He, it is a She, planet Earth is our God, and I praise Her for all of the gifts She has given me.

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