A Letter to My Christian Aunt

I’ve had this email exchange with my aunt ever since I told her I’m no longer a Christian. She sends me certain Bible passages and Christian blogs and stuff to… I dunno… try and lure me back? Well I have been trying to convince her that I am quite happy with my new worldview, and so last Christmas when she sent me some excerpt from a book she was reading in the mail to me along with my Christmas present, I decided to try and write something really nice and yet also very convincing so that I could get my point across. Here it is:

Hey Aunt _______

Thanks so much for the Amazon gift card! I already used it haha. I also got your letter with the message about Christmas. I read the 6 passages about Jesus and remembered learning each of those lessons at my Christian middle school. I appreciate your concern for my well being, but I hope I can convince you that my soul is safe. I have studied philosophy and theology for years, and I am very confident in my own worldview. Jesus was the messiah. He absolutely saved the world from filling with evil. He spread more love than any other prophet. I am so grateful that the Christian message has spread across the world because so many people become better versions of themselves when they focus on love rather than hate.

I want to share with you some spiritual insight that I have learned from my own experiences over the past couple years. The Bible says a few things that aren’t relevant to modern society. 2000 years ago in the middle east, they had a very primitive culture. They had certain cultural norms which we have abolished. They didn’t allow women to speak in the church. They allowed people to own slaves. They stoned people to death for breaking rules. It’s important to continually make changes to our spiritual practices in order to grow as a species. Isn’t it wonderful to see how humanity has evolved to be more inclusive as time goes by? We now live harmoniously with people of all walks of life here in the US because we have new social practices to make it easier for everyone to get along without fighting. Democracy, capitalism, and education have been implemented into our society to keep order, and so now religion has a much smaller role in enforcing social behavior. We can’t just expect people of other religious backgrounds to simply “bow down to Jesus” because we tell them they should. They can learn something from Jesus just like we can learn something from Buddha. Eastern philosophy has so much to add to our spiritual understanding.
Humanity has entered a new age of spirituality. We have matured so much over the last 2000 years, and we have learned so much about ourselves that we can live better, healthier lives. Jesus taught us to love each other, but we obviously still have fear and hate in the world. We need to understand that God encompasses all things, and that all things exist on a spectrum of good and evil. If people do not feel respected they will not show you respect. If people don’t feel loved then they will show no signs of love. Positivity breeds positivity and negativity breeds negativity. We need to take control of our own lives and try our best to bring more positivity into the world. Fear has a purpose and we need to realize that not everyone in this world can be trusted, but often we fear things that we don’t need to fear. If you live in fear you will only attract negative outcomes into your life. The only way to take control of your life is to have a vision for your future and work to accomplish your goals.
I’m going to be 27 next month, and I truly feel that this year I have become a whole and complete person. I finally feel like I am ready to share something worth while with the world. I have experienced spirituality in a mind blowing new way recently and I have really come full circle when it comes to understanding the three basic aspects of life. Mind, Body, and Spirit are the three components that make up a living person. Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Physics and Chemistry are the two major ways to study the human body. Spirituality is like a neglected third aspect of our lives. I really think we should put more effort into discussing Spirituality and God. We all have a spirit and when a group of people get all hyped up and energetic that spirit grows to a create a force to be reckoned with. The entire human race has a spirit, and that’s what we call God. God is the source of our spirit as well as the outcome. God is the creative force within us. He exists in all people but some are not able to pull the creative energy from within themselves because they simply don’t know how. People from every culture have God within them, and we should respect creative energy from all cultures on Earth.


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