The fabric of society

What weaves the fabric of society. We can all add our own color and flavor to the culture that we create together, but it is the institutions that have the best capability of keeping and maintaining order in our society. It takes artists and renegades to question the authority of institutions. They will keep the balance from skewing to far towards authoritarian rule, but the institutions must always do their part to keep the fabric of society from ripping apart. We have seen an age of increased resistance to authority. Many people not trusting the church or government or the media. We are becoming fragmented. This means increased chaos, and some people thrive in chaos.

I believe that if we are to keep the balance we must always make sure we don’t go to far towards chaos or authoritarian rule. It has become increasingly difficult for either side of the aisle to gain control of the population. We seem to have many disagreements. I was one to raise my concerns about the institution of the church. I think the church lost some validity in the age of reason and science, but I believe now is the time to rebuild.

There is duality between creation and destruction just as there is duality between cooperation and competition. Which side are you on? Which side is right? When people feel they are being held down by society they will rebel.  If they believe the fabric of society is too heavy to hold then they would rather rip it up and do without it. Of course they will not see the dangers of the other side. The dangers of living with no fabric at all to hold society together. We must find balance.

In this post modern society the very hard task has fallen on us who have ripped religion away from the center piece. We must agree now on the principles and values that we believe are most important. The problem lies again in the duality of being. That for every value that is proposed as the first and most important. The opposite is revealed to be indispensable. If human life if first and foremost. Then free will takes a second seat.


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