Young Spiritualist

I recently met a famous physicist named Nassim Haramein. I was star struck when I met him because I had seen some of his YouTube videos. He has some very interested subject matter that he talks about, from theoretical metaphysics to black holes to sacred geometry. I was inspired while watching his videos to learn more about physics and sacred geometry.  The more I learn about physics, the more I hear about dark matter and the problem of consciousness. These two subjects and others seem to be a mystery to physicists. They don’t really understand what consciousness is, and they have never detected dark matter.  These mysteries lead me to believe that they have to do with the duality of the nature of reality.

Ancient wisdom has taught us that we are both physical beings and spiritual beings simultaneously. Rene Descartes believed the world is made up of two different types of things: mind and matter. The reason I would call myself a Spiritualist is because I study Spirituality in a similar way to the way physicists study our physical nature. I believe both fields of study are important because they both represent one of the two aspects of reality. The problem with the study of Spirituality is partially the tribal nature of religions. We can learn something from scientists around the world who work together to create a cohesive worldview based on Science, but it is only half the story. The other half is our Spirituality.

Our Spirituality is our connection to God. God is the infinite mind behind all things. The creative force that continues to bring life to the Universe. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “There is one mind common to all individual men.” This points to a Unity we have all been subconsciously aware of, and a harmony we all strive for. For a Spiritual Institution to be effective, its goal should be for the harmonious coexistence of  all cultures around the world. A Spiritual Institution for the common good of humanity would seek to teach Spiritual Principles that lead to peaceful communication between enemies and successful debate between rivals. A Spiritual Institution would bring ancient wisdom from religions all over the world to the young entrepreneurs who seek to change the world.


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