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Young Spiritualist

I recently met a famous physicist named Nassim Haramein. I was star struck when I met him because I had seen some of his YouTube videos. He has some very interested subject matter that he talks about, from theoretical metaphysics to black holes to sacred geometry. I was inspired while watching his videos to learn more about physics and sacred geometry.  The more I learn about physics, the more I hear about dark matter and the problem of consciousness. These two subjects and others seem to be a mystery to physicists. They don’t really understand what consciousness is, and they have never detected dark matter.  These mysteries lead me to believe that they have to do with the duality of the nature of reality.

Ancient wisdom has taught us that we are both physical beings and spiritual beings simultaneously. Rene Descartes believed the world is made up of two different types of things: mind and matter. The reason I would call myself a Spiritualist is because I study Spirituality in a similar way to the way physicists study our physical nature. I believe both fields of study are important because they both represent one of the two aspects of reality. The problem with the study of Spirituality is partially the tribal nature of religions. We can learn something from scientists around the world who work together to create a cohesive worldview based on Science, but it is only half the story. The other half is our Spirituality.

Our Spirituality is our connection to God. God is the infinite mind behind all things. The creative force that continues to bring life to the Universe. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “There is one mind common to all individual men.” This points to a Unity we have all been subconsciously aware of, and a harmony we all strive for. For a Spiritual Institution to be effective, its goal should be for the harmonious coexistence of  all cultures around the world. A Spiritual Institution for the common good of humanity would seek to teach Spiritual Principles that lead to peaceful communication between enemies and successful debate between rivals. A Spiritual Institution would bring ancient wisdom from religions all over the world to the young entrepreneurs who seek to change the world.

The fabric of society

What weaves the fabric of society. We can all add our own color and flavor to the culture that we create together, but it is the institutions that have the best capability of keeping and maintaining order in our society. It takes artists and renegades to question the authority of institutions. They will keep the balance from skewing to far towards authoritarian rule, but the institutions must always do their part to keep the fabric of society from ripping apart. We have seen an age of increased resistance to authority. Many people not trusting the church or government or the media. We are becoming fragmented. This means increased chaos, and some people thrive in chaos.

I believe that if we are to keep the balance we must always make sure we don’t go to far towards chaos or authoritarian rule. It has become increasingly difficult for either side of the aisle to gain control of the population. We seem to have many disagreements. I was one to raise my concerns about the institution of the church. I think the church lost some validity in the age of reason and science, but I believe now is the time to rebuild.

There is duality between creation and destruction just as there is duality between cooperation and competition. Which side are you on? Which side is right? When people feel they are being held down by society they will rebel.  If they believe the fabric of society is too heavy to hold then they would rather rip it up and do without it. Of course they will not see the dangers of the other side. The dangers of living with no fabric at all to hold society together. We must find balance.

In this post modern society the very hard task has fallen on us who have ripped religion away from the center piece. We must agree now on the principles and values that we believe are most important. The problem lies again in the duality of being. That for every value that is proposed as the first and most important. The opposite is revealed to be indispensable. If human life if first and foremost. Then free will takes a second seat.

How to Reconcile the Tension between Science and Religion


It has been said by many, “I am Spiritual, but not religious.” Well I think that Jordan Peterson might say that you may not know it, but you are religious whether you are conscious of it or not. A religion is a set of ideas that shapes your understanding of the Spiritual world, and there is a Spiritual world. Scientists can’t study it, because scientists are preoccupied with the physical world. Some scientists have come to believe that there is no Spiritual world because they haven’t been able to see it through a microscope. They haven’t been able to find the consciousness in our brains. Some scientists call it the “problem” of consciousness, and that is because they don’t know what consciousness is. Well consciousness is our Spirit. It is who we are. Spiritual leaders can see it, and can talk at length about it.

Now I can see why the tension has risen between science and religion. There have been disagreements between the two camps, but they both live in the same world, and so there must be a reconciliation. There must be an answer, to why both camps have their own version of the truth. I was inspired to write about this topic by a video where Jordan Peterson explains to Joe Rogan on his podcast how he reconciles his own inner scientist and religious identity. He explains beautifully that there is a difference between scientific truth and religious truth. He says that scientific truth explains how the physical world works, but religious truth explains how a person should act. I was inspired by this idea, because it can finally put an end in my mind to the debate between atheists and theists. Peterson describes himself as a religious person even though he is a scientist, and many scientists may find this to be a contradiction, but he offers a way to think about these ideas so that both of his identities can cohabitate in his mind harmoniously.

I’ve always felt that I had these two sides to myself that were wrestling with one another, and this dualism seems to be present in all types of different pairs. My soft side and my harsh side. My selfish side and my compassionate side. My logical side and my intuitive side. For a long while I favored my logical side, and came to hate any type of intuitive thinking. I heard compelling arguments that said logic is the only way to reason with our world and that any intuitive thinker must be a palm reader/con artist or a “psychic medium.” Then I met my wife. She embodies what it means to be intuitive. She knows right from wrong without trying too hard to think about it. I then found that having a good intuition also comes in handy in sports. They trust their instincts and act in a certain graceful way that always works out better than careful calculation. Whenever I tried to practice basketball I was never really good at making shots. I practiced and practiced, but saw very little improvement in my accuracy. I remember some couches trying to tell me to try and develop skills through careful thoughtfulness, but looking back on it, it was the kids who had natural skill that were able to get into the flow and really play well. Of course practice is needed to become better, but only those who already have the inherent gift are able to develop it fully. The graceful flow of energy seen in any professional dancer or athlete comes from an intuitive place. A trust in themselves and a forgetting of all the tips the couch had. Athletes will tell you about a zone they get into when they forget about everything that happened yesterday and at practice, and only when an athlete is “in the zone” can he or she perform at their best. This to me is evidence that our intuitive side is just as important as our logical side.

Today we can talk about sports as a religion. I’m not that into sports so I can talk about music as my religion. Some people talk about love as their religion. A religion can take many forms, and it doesn’t always look like the typical church type of religion. Everyone has a religion, and most people have multiple religions. Even Christians have other religions, like sports or music. A lot of people have left the Christian religion, because it has failed to adapt to the modern world. This was evident in the war between the Catholic Church and Science.

There was a book by Dan Brown called “Angels and Demons.” It was my favorite book when I read it because it dramatizes the war between the Catholic Church and Science. The scientists were part of a secret society known as the Illuminati, and they were out to destroy the Catholic Church. When I read this book I felt a connection to the Illuminati because I also wanted to go to war with the religious establishment in our society. I saw so much wrong with Christianity, and I wanted to show the world how corrupt this religion really was. Luckily I was young enough to have a little humility, and so I set out to learn more about theology and philosophy before I started my campaign to bring down the Christian establishment. I also tried to debate a few Christian friends I had in order to hone my skills, but to my surprise, I wasn’t able to change their minds about the subject. I thought I had all of the right ideas, but the deeply religious people that I debated would never give in to my attacks. “How stubborn!”, I thought, “Why can’t they see the error in their ways?” “Maybe I don’t yet have the proper words to persuade them.” So I studied more, and tried to uncover the truth of why people are religious.

Anyone who dismisses religious people as stupid is of course a bit arrogant, and wrong. Intelligence does not bring people away from God, and if it does, then that is a problem, because an intelligent fool can exist, and they would be the most dangerous type of fool. Wisdom differs from intelligence in that intelligence is simply the composition of data, whereas wisdom is the proper application of meaning to the data. When I started to realize this is when I started to value philosophy. I found that philosophy had almost become a forgotten artform in popular culture. Television seemed to be completely devoid of substance in the 90’s, which is partly what brought about a feeling of angst in young people. Without the proper application of meaning, young people in the 90’s felt that life was meaningless. This is why musicians like Nirvana became very popular. They expressed the feelings of a generation. The feeling you get when you lose your sense of purpose. A sadness. Listen to the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and tell me if you get the feeling these kids weren’t lost in a fog of nothingness. Caught between our religious parents and the secular media, we were dazed and confused, and started to favor the media. Fast forward to today and it’s no wonder that people like Donald Trump hate the media. He was like one of our religious parents who saw that the media was “corrupting” his children’s minds and began to resent it.

So here I am after coming full circle and I’m beginning to find the truth in religion. Jordan Peterson points out that all of our values come from our religious backgrounds, and I always kind of had a sense of that. When I argue with a Christian, I usually say that we have similar values, just different ways of expressing them. Don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t cheat. Secular people say that these values can exist without their religious backgrounds, and they can, but you can’t deny that they have a religious background. It is like stealing an idea from another writer without giving him or her credit. We have to give credit where credit is due! Peterson points out that atheists like Sam Harris wrongly describe human history as if we were without reason until the age of reason. Peterson asserts that it was specifically our ability to use reason that gave birth to the ideas that form our religions. Of course it wasn’t only our reasoning but also our God given intuition that helped to form our biggest world religions. You see intuition was often seen as a spiritual moment to the prophets of the old and new testament. When Moses went up to the top of a mountain to talk to God, he had a conversation with a burning bush. Now this might mean he lit up a joint and had a hallucination, but it also might poetically describe a premonition or epiphany that he had on the top of that hill. Neal Donald Walsh writes in his book titled “Conversations with God” that he woke up in the middle of the night and had to write down what he felt were actual conversations with God! Now an atheist might say he was simply having a moment of deep self reflection, but I would argue that the difference is simply semantics! A conversation with God can come in a moment of deep self reflection, meditation, or in the middle of some intense action. We all have a connection to God, because God is the source of all creation, physical and spiritual.

Now, here is where I would like to describe my idea of what is Spiritual. My younger, logical self would have a hard time understanding what was spiritual and what was fake. I had a hard time identifying a genuine spiritual experience. I saw some fake spiritual experiences which really ticked me off and made me come to hate the idea of spirituality. It’s the palm readers, psychic mediums, and pseudo religious nuts that turn nice young people into atheists, and it’s a real problem for the spiritual community. I think a new way of describing the spiritual world is needed in order to make sense of what we are feeling and experiencing here in the real world. We know that there is something more to our world than just our physical surroundings, but we have been without a really good explanation. I think the Christian community is holding onto an old idea that spirituality is mystical and magical. I think young people tend to run away from that idea into the warm embrace of the scientific worldview which is much more believable. The problem with the scientific community, is that they lack a certain spiritual element that is necessary to form a complete picture. Our world is not simply a ball of mass without meaning, and I know that scientists aren’t without their own forms of meaning, but in order to bridge the gap I think we need to start to explore the meaning of God and Spirituality, instead of dismissing these ideas as false. If God is the creator of the universe, then let’s look at where creation happens everyday, in our own lives. Physical buildings and monuments are created from ideas within our minds, and so God is like the source of inspiration. Spirituality then is the world of abstract ideas. Principles and laws make of the Spiritual realm. Values and virtues are what make up our spirituality.

We live in a time of change. That is evident. Some people want the change to happen quickly and some people want the change to happen more slowly, and that is why there is a divide between conservatives and progressives. Conservatives want to hold onto the tried and true methods of the past, whereas progressives want to evolve into something better. Both sides are necessary in order to keep the balance between chaos and order. Too much change too quickly will bring about chaos, but a life without evolution would become stagnant and boring. We need artists and revolutionaries to sing of new ideas, and we need the wise elders to tell us when we are acting foolish. When I was younger I resented the so called wise elders, because I thought they were stuck in their ways, but I see now the value in tradition. Institutions are built on tradition, and they become something bigger than any one person. Spiritual institutions are a powerful force in our society, and they are necessary for the proper training of spiritual being.

American culture is one of pluralism. We are made up of many different cultures, and we have to tolerate one another to survive, but our differences are all the more evident when we live next door to someone with an opposing worldview. Society will break down without a cohesive spiritual structure, and we are seeing a degradation of our society because we are losing this cohesive spiritual structure. I think that a reconciliation is necessary, to find common ground between the religious and secular communities. Compromises will have to be made, and public debates will have to be had. Consensus will have to be made. Outsiders will remain, but a spiritual majority must be created, that has a righteous and moral high ground. Our political establishment lacks the spiritual training to create laws that can effectively govern our increasingly divided population. A new wave of unity will have to be created in order to stabilize our country, and bring peace to our nation.

A Letter to My Christian Aunt

I’ve had this email exchange with my aunt ever since I told her I’m no longer a Christian. She sends me certain Bible passages and Christian blogs and stuff to… I dunno… try and lure me back? Well I have been trying to convince her that I am quite happy with my new worldview, and so last Christmas when she sent me some excerpt from a book she was reading in the mail to me along with my Christmas present, I decided to try and write something really nice and yet also very convincing so that I could get my point across. Here it is:

Hey Aunt _______

Thanks so much for the Amazon gift card! I already used it haha. I also got your letter with the message about Christmas. I read the 6 passages about Jesus and remembered learning each of those lessons at my Christian middle school. I appreciate your concern for my well being, but I hope I can convince you that my soul is safe. I have studied philosophy and theology for years, and I am very confident in my own worldview. Jesus was the messiah. He absolutely saved the world from filling with evil. He spread more love than any other prophet. I am so grateful that the Christian message has spread across the world because so many people become better versions of themselves when they focus on love rather than hate.

I want to share with you some spiritual insight that I have learned from my own experiences over the past couple years. The Bible says a few things that aren’t relevant to modern society. 2000 years ago in the middle east, they had a very primitive culture. They had certain cultural norms which we have abolished. They didn’t allow women to speak in the church. They allowed people to own slaves. They stoned people to death for breaking rules. It’s important to continually make changes to our spiritual practices in order to grow as a species. Isn’t it wonderful to see how humanity has evolved to be more inclusive as time goes by? We now live harmoniously with people of all walks of life here in the US because we have new social practices to make it easier for everyone to get along without fighting. Democracy, capitalism, and education have been implemented into our society to keep order, and so now religion has a much smaller role in enforcing social behavior. We can’t just expect people of other religious backgrounds to simply “bow down to Jesus” because we tell them they should. They can learn something from Jesus just like we can learn something from Buddha. Eastern philosophy has so much to add to our spiritual understanding.
Humanity has entered a new age of spirituality. We have matured so much over the last 2000 years, and we have learned so much about ourselves that we can live better, healthier lives. Jesus taught us to love each other, but we obviously still have fear and hate in the world. We need to understand that God encompasses all things, and that all things exist on a spectrum of good and evil. If people do not feel respected they will not show you respect. If people don’t feel loved then they will show no signs of love. Positivity breeds positivity and negativity breeds negativity. We need to take control of our own lives and try our best to bring more positivity into the world. Fear has a purpose and we need to realize that not everyone in this world can be trusted, but often we fear things that we don’t need to fear. If you live in fear you will only attract negative outcomes into your life. The only way to take control of your life is to have a vision for your future and work to accomplish your goals.
I’m going to be 27 next month, and I truly feel that this year I have become a whole and complete person. I finally feel like I am ready to share something worth while with the world. I have experienced spirituality in a mind blowing new way recently and I have really come full circle when it comes to understanding the three basic aspects of life. Mind, Body, and Spirit are the three components that make up a living person. Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Physics and Chemistry are the two major ways to study the human body. Spirituality is like a neglected third aspect of our lives. I really think we should put more effort into discussing Spirituality and God. We all have a spirit and when a group of people get all hyped up and energetic that spirit grows to a create a force to be reckoned with. The entire human race has a spirit, and that’s what we call God. God is the source of our spirit as well as the outcome. God is the creative force within us. He exists in all people but some are not able to pull the creative energy from within themselves because they simply don’t know how. People from every culture have God within them, and we should respect creative energy from all cultures on Earth.


Who should we worship?

God of course! But who is our God? This is something we tend to disagree upon as a society. We are a bit confused about this illusive topic. What does my God want me to do? Well the answer is simple. If God is your creator then simply ask the question for yourself: who created you? Your parents did of course! Worship your parents then. They brought you life, and they went further then that. After you were born, they raised you to be the person you are today. Even if your parents didn’t raise you, maybe other family members did. Maybe someone who wasn’t even related to you raised you. Thank God for the people who raised us. Secondly, who continues to give you life every day? The people who make the food you eat, and bring you the water that you drink. They are to worshiped as well! Thank God for those people, because we would not be alive without them. Thirdly, what allows these farmers to grow the food that we eat? Well the Earth and the Sun of course! Worship our planet for giving us life sustaining foods. Without this planet we would surely all be dead. Praise be to planet Earth for her life giving sustenance! And what sort of worship should we partake in? What sort of praise does our planet demand? Only that we take care of her as well. We need to take care of our environment in order to keep our planet alive. We also need to take care of our friends and family, to thank them for the wonderful gifts that they have given us. Life itself is our God. We must give thanks everyday, and continue to work to stay alive. Life itself is what we strive for, and in this modern age, God is no longer a He, it is a She, planet Earth is our God, and I praise Her for all of the gifts She has given me.

People are to God as Cells are to a Body

My worldview includes God, but I don’t define God the same way most people do. To me God is the Spirit of the Earth. The best way describe God for me is to compare it to the human body. Our bodies are made up of about 37 trillion cells, each with its own job. Blood cells bring oxygen to muscles, muscle cells control our movement, and brain cells control our muscles. None of our cells however, is aware of our identity. My cells don’t know that my name is Chase, and that I am currently writing a blog. Yet they move in perfect harmony to make it so. Why is this?

This question has baffled scientists for hundreds of years. Scientists still don’t know what makes us conscious. We haven’t really wrapped our minds around our own feeling of being inside a body that is separate from our Spirit. It is the topic of much debate of course, because some people simply don’t believe we have a Spirit. I find that argument quite insulting. Do you really think we are just robots doing whatever our predestined DNA coding has planned for us? I feel like that argument ironically calls for some sort of intelligent design. I disagree wholeheartedly that we don’t have a Spirit. Our Spirit is our identity that is half predestined through genetics, but half our own choice. We choose our job, our interests, and our worldview based on our judgments of what we have seen in the world.

My worldview is based on lots of conversations with people from various faith backgrounds. I went to a Christian school when I was younger, but in college I started studying other religions. I was intrigued by eastern philosophy because it tends to simplify our basic human traits as desires that need to be tempered. I love how Buddhists practice meditation to look inside themselves for answers, and I also love how Hindu people describe seven energy points in the body through which our life force is channeled. It helps me understand our Spiritual nature in visual terms. In truth our Spirit is very complex and therefore God is even more complex. This brings me back to my Metaphor of Human Cells. If the cells inside living things work together to create a complete body, then each living thing on Earth must work together to make up a Higher Being.

If we all work together toward a common goal, then that goal is God’s will. So far throughout history we humans have never worked together as a whole toward any common goal, except to stay alive, and we can’t even do that. Every time we kill each other, it’s like one of our cells killing another cell. Imagine if your arm declared war on your heart… you would die. Sometimes our cells do kill each other, but only when they detect cancer. says that “a cell’s natural cycle has checkpoints when it determines whether it’s in a healthy state and should divide, or is damaged, and should repair or kill itself. Cancer can occur when the normal checkpoints in the cell cycle are misregulated somehow ,and the unhealthy cell starts dividing. Usually, a powerful protein called P-53 will trigger tumor suppression if damage is detected at the checkpoint, causing a potential cancer to stop dead in its tracks.”

If my comparison of cells and humans is accurate, then I think that we all need to amend our worldview to include this understanding of God. I think that we have misrepresented God as being something outside the Earth that sometimes interferes in our lives, but sometimes does not. I think that God is always present in each and every one of our decisions, and if this is true then it puts a lot more importance on our life choices. If we are all a part of the same God, then there shouldn’t be any disagreements about what God is. I think that the internet has finally allowed us all to be connected in the same way that our brain cells are all connected. A network of nodes with electric signals constantly circulating. If our brains can comprehend our own identity, then the internet should be able to comprehend God’s identity.

Defining God

Have you ever tried to define God? Some have said that God is the creator of the universe, but I don’t think that is a helpful answer. Scientists can try and try to figure out how the universe began, but they won’t ever know. A better definition of God would be the collective thoughts and emotions of everyone on Earth. You might wonder why we might limit ourselves to Earth when there are definitely other planets out there that are governed by universal laws, but I don’t think we know enough about the universe to broaden our definition to include them. A more useful definition of God would be limited to Earth because that’s all we can really handle right now.

The God that was written about in the Old Testament was actually smaller than a God of the entire planet. He was only written about by a small portion of the planet. He was mostly concerned with the wars and relationships in the Middle East. He seemed to ignore the Europeans and Asians. They didn’t write about that same God. They wrote about some totally different stuff.

Jesus had a better idea about defining God. He said that God loved everyone on Earth. He said that God wants people to get along and try not to hurt one another. This brought about an awesome transformation in human culture that made people a little bit less selfish. They gathered in Churches to be taught why we should serve one another and serve God.

Today we can see another transformation happening right before our eyes. The internet has created a way for us to learn about people on the other side of the planet. People are much more informed about world events. We are becoming a more global community. It’s time we redefine God as the collective well being of everyone on Earth so that we can work towards that goal. It’s time we understand that we are all part of God and God is in all of us, and the only true way to do that is to admit that the God written about in the Bible is not our God. There are many differences. Our God is characterized not by his separation from us but His connection to us. Every choice we make has an effect on the world and there is no bigger effect than ours.


What does Society Need

I think society needs a place to go that doesn’t cost anything. We have put a price on everything, and that price makes it part of the money system. People need a place to escape from the money system. I admit that the money system works well for us, but it is not all there is. Traditionally we would go to church on Sundays, and that was a place for people to hear about God and Spiritual things, but it was also an escape from the money system. It was a place where we would give instead of be charged. Today fewer and fewer people attend church, because the church has become stuck on a few things. The church has recently hit a wall that it can’t get past. We have entered an age of free information. The internet has become a place to find answers, and so it has replaced the church as the main place to go pray for help. The internet has replaced the church as the authority on truth, but the internet lacks the human experience that we all desire. Going to work is not a real human experience, because you have to fake it. You have to act like you like your boss, and you have to do things you normally wouldn’t do, because you want to get paid that money! Then you go to the store and you look for stuff to buy, and you don’t really care about the sales people because you know they are just trying to sell you stuff. So if your buying or selling then you aren’t interacting with people like you normally would if it weren’t for the money system.
Secondly, there needs to be a public space for debating political issues. It has bee said that you shouldn’t discuss religion or politics with friends, because it often starts a fight, but we can’t totally ignore these subjects! These are two of the most important subjects on Earth! So if we had a place to come discuss spiritual and political issues, we could make an agreement to keep it civil and avoid getting too emotional.
I think that we need something to replace the Church that is failing us.

A Story

In the beginning God created the Heavens. He filled them with Stars which created light. Then he created the planets, and he chose Earth to be special. On Earth he created Life, and he knew that Life would flourish here. As the plants and animals grew and evolved he chose Humans to be the rulers of this planet. He gave Humans knowledge of Good and Evil, and told them to make every decision using this knowledge. Some understood this and others did not. God showed Himself through the power of Nature, and gave Humans all that they needed, but the Humans wanted more.
Throughout history we have craved Gods Love and Energy, but we found different ways of obtaining such Energy. We found that by taking control from others we could steal their energy, and it felt good. Those that mastered Control and Power were able to build monuments and statues in their name. Sometimes they created lies in order to keep the masses from realizing that they were being taken advantage of.
In the ancient times great civilizations were built through the use of slaves, and those in power claimed to be gods themselves. They were even able to demand praise from the masses. When the Roman Empire was spreading all throughout the known world, God spoke to the masses through a prophet named Jesus, and told them that there is only one God, and that it is unholy to worship Earthly things. Those with the power to read and write began to disseminate God’s Word, and God’s followers gathered in Churches to hear what was written.
Then the rulers of Earth once again took control, this time from within the Church. Their influence was impossible to escape. They added lies to the religious teachings in order to once again keep the masses at bay. God chose to intervene again through a monk named Martin Luther. Luther spread the truth about the Church leaders who were spreading lies. He told the masses to seek truth within the Bible which was the Holy Word of God.
Humankind had lost trust in its leaders, and took it upon themselves to find Truth. Scientists throughout the world went out into Nature in order to make sense of this planet. More and more people learned to read and write and began to find truth in books and scientific studies. Meanwhile religious leaders argued over the Bible for years and years until the Church broke apart into a thousand different groups.
Some groups taught that Jesus was God, and that the most important thing in Life was to accept this single fact as the Truth. Some groups taught that Truth could be found within yourself, and that God was now unimportant. Still others believed that God was important, but that Jesus was not God. The term God was thrown around so much that it lost its meaning. Little did we know, that God was there all along.
Today we use the term Spirituality to describe the Energy of God. Anyone who loves God is filled with Spirituality. It is important to understand Spirituality, because without it, we can become addicted to gaining Energy through Control. To love God is to allow Him to work through you. God is Life, and so to love God is to love Life. To fill yourself with Gods energy allows you to let go of the need to Control others.
Once we learn how to connect with God, we can become connected to one another. Everyone has the ability to connect with God. For some, it is through meditation. For some it is through prayer. Still others can connect with God through the beauty of Nature. Once we learn all of the different ways to connect with God, we will begin to accept others.
All humans have the ability to recognize right from wrong. Morality has a common thread through all cultures of the world, and yet still we feel the need to disagree over minor details. Morality is a subjective trait. No moral judgment can be applied universally. Laws only serve as limitations, and to limit yourself is to close yourself off from your greatest opportunities. Communication is the best and only way to spread Truth.
Today we live in the information age, and some may say that we are in information overload. We now have to choose which information we want to expose ourselves to. Art, humor, entertainment, news, we crave it every day, but what about Spirituality? Have we forgotten that it is the most important aspect of our lives? That it is the only way to fill ourselves with God’s Energy?
I call myself a Philosopher, because I search for the Truth. More importantly I search for Spiritual Truth. It is easy for us to find out the truth about earthly things, but for some reason we have a really hard time agreeing on Spiritual Truth. As a Philosopher I also must look at the nature of Truth. What makes something true? If life is simply a perception of the real world, then we all can have our own version of the truth, but in order to work together in Society, we must agree on the way we want to live.
Much like how the individual cells of our bodies work together to keep us alive, we also as humans must work together to keep the Earth alive. It should be our highest priority to take care of our planet, because it is the sum total of all of us, and it is synonymous with taking care of ourselves. The Spirit of the Earth is our God, and She must be worshipped as such. Much like the Father plants his seed in the Mother, God the Father placed us on Earth.
It should be our goal to take care of one another. To let go of our selfish ways and accept our Earthly brothers and sisters. The only way to spread love is to spread love. You cannot force someone to love you. You can only show them what it is to be loved. Positivity can only create more positivity and negativity can only create more negativity. Hate will only create more hate, and acceptance will create acceptance. We must concentrate on what we can see right now in front of us. Take care of the problems in your community in order to make the world a better place.
One of the biggest problems in our society is the disparity of wealth. Those in power are still in power. They are the same people who were in Control of the ancient civilizations, and as we have seen throughout history, the best way to take back the power is through Spiritual Awakening. Those who allow themselves to be taken advantage of, only do so because they don’t know how to allow God into their hearts. God is the universal source of Energy, like the Sun is our planet’s only source of Energy.
The Truth has power, and the Truth is that everyone has the ability to accept God into their hearts. Now this phrase has also been misunderstood. I am not talking about a specific god from a specific religion. It doesn’t take holy water or a holy man. There are many ways to allow God into your body.
God flows through us when we are in a loving state. It is impossible to hold onto this loving state indefinitely, but it is important to always try to be in a loving state, so that you can more often enjoy the presence of God. When you are sitting at the beach enjoying the beauty of a sunset, God will fill your heart. When you are able to help someone to achieve happiness, God will enter your heart. When you can forget about the problems that have happened in your past, God will bring Peace to your mind. When you can let go of the worries you have for your future, God will take control of your life.
Now as I said, only through God can we bring order to Society. We have spent thousands of years mastering earthly things, and we have gained control over the planet, but we have forgotten to care for Her. We have spent this time figuring out how to get along in society, but we have allowed those in power to take control. They have set laws in place to hold us down. They have created a structure that allows them to stand above us. We must allow God to work through us in order to bring harmony into the world.
Harmony can only come if we can all agree on the Truth about Spirituality. It is our disagreements that makes us weak. Look at the magnificent buildings and cities and roads and cars that we created when we worked together. Look at the complexity of the industries. The food industry is able to bring anything you want to the grocery store. The medical industry is able to bring all types of medicine to your Hospital. The media industry has filled every house in America with a TV, a Computer, and a Cell Phone. Now with this incredible infrastructure, we can work together to create harmony to Spirituality.
I believe it is our purpose to unite. Once we realize that we are one Humanity, then we will be able to let go of our differences and look for similarities. To concentrate on our differences only brings hate, and when you hate someone, you are consumed by this hate. Your hate will spread to those around you like a virus. We must stop the hate, by spreading love, and the only way to spread love is to spread understanding.
Through technology we have the ability to spread Truth, but we also have the ability to spread Lies. The Truth can prevail if only it is heard, but those in power do not wish for it to be heard. Every president throughout history has spread so-called Christian values, but they use these values against us like the Romans used them against the ancient people. They add lies to their speeches in order to obtain control. No one in their right mind would allow some people to have 10 houses and 10 cars while others have nothing. In order to work together against this injustice, it will be our goal to spread the Truth about God. God does not wish for the separation of world religions, He hopes that we can find the Truth through thoughtful communication. If everyone has the ability to connect with God, then we must denounce those who claim to be right and that all others are wrong. Anyone who claims that their religion is the Truth is spreading lies.
We have entered an age where people are leaving religion behind. Religion is based on a limited worldview. We now have the ability to communicate with people on the other side of the world, and we are finding out that they have a completely different worldview. Eastern Philosophy revolves around choosing a middle path between excess and desperation. We have learned from Eastern Philosophers that meditation and yoga can clear the mind of negative energy and allow God’s love to enter.
Through communication with others we have found many ways to allow God into our lives, but the media continues to try and convince us that happiness lies in material possessions. We all know deep down that true happiness comes from a balance of physical needs, mental needs, and spiritual needs. Of course we need food to live, but we have become obsessed with these physical needs to the point of gluttony. Our mental needs are being solved by pills which are meant for physical needs. Our spiritual needs are being ignored which only leads to more physical and mental problems. These three parts of our lives need to be balanced out in order to live a complete life.
The only way to bring Spiritual Harmony to the world is to find Truth. The Truth is that God will provide you with all that you need in this life. When we realize this, we can let go of our anxiety. The Truth is that God’s love will fill us with the Energy we need to get through the day. Physical and Mental health will follow, if we balance our lives with proper diet, loving thoughts, and a connection with God. A connection with God comes through an acceptance of others. When we look at someone we love, we send our energy to them. They are filled with this energy, and they feel better. Then when they look back at you, they are able to send the energy right back to you. This cyclical exchange is called love. When it grows in intensity, we become addicted to this love and latch onto the person giving it to us, but people are not an eternal source of energy. The only true source of Love is God. That is why we must allow those we love to go out into the world to receive God’s love in Nature.
We can receive Energy through things that inspire us. Whether it be art, movies, music, or nature. We all know the feeling of inspiration. It is an overwhelming feeling that we can do something with our lives. When we feel inspired, we sometimes use this inspiration to create beautiful art or music, which in turn inspires others. Inspiration is one form of Energy that can be exchanged from person to person, but it is only another form of God’s love.
We can receive energy through Beauty. When we see something that is beautiful, then we are filled with adoration. This adoration can lead to temptation, but it is important to enjoy beauty without becoming tempted to take it. Beauty should be shared, and only problems arise when you try and keep all the beauty for yourself.
We can also receive energy though accomplishment. When we complete a difficult task, we are filled with pride, but this can lead to a feeling of superiority. It is important to never fill yourself with such non-sense, for every record can be broken and every monument can be surpassed. Thank God for the work He allowed you to do, and share it with the world freely and without arrogance.
Lastly, we can receive energy straight from the source. When you are feeling down, simply concentrate on God’s love and purposely fill yourself with it. Our minds have the power to get rid of negative energy and when you rid yourself of negative energy, positive energy is free to enter. You can do this by counting your blessings, letting go of the past, and being hopeful for the future.

Blood Moon

The world is changing. The Bible tells us that in the end of the age, the sun will be dark and the moon will be red. These events have actually been happening, and this year marks the beginning of a new age. The new age will bring with it new social consequences. Humanity will become mature in its evolution. We will understand what was written by the prophets long ago, and we will find meaning in it. Humankind has tried and failed to interpret God’s Word throughout the centuries, but in the new age understanding will come. We will stop the separation of religions and cultures, and through technology, will bring the world together as one.
Philosophy will replace religion as the leading source of Truth. We recognize that Truth and God are one, and as we contemplate the meaning of life, we will bring forth a new way of life. The way we have described God in the past is only a partial understanding. We have always used the Sun to symbolize Gods power and light, but God is more than this.
Symbols in the sky will always shed light on the changing of times, and the procession of the ages, but we have only had a partial understanding of this. Through science and philosophy, we will understand the elements and spirits that inhabit celestial beings.
The Moon was made a marker of the beginning of the new age, and so the Moon takes on new meaning. Together, the Sun and the Moon will bring a duality to Spirituality. As deities in their own sense, they will signify balance between light and dark, male and female, body and spirit. Through science and reason we will have methods to explain philosophy and spirituality, and with guidance from the Moon and the Sun we will find meaning in Life.