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Defining God

Have you ever tried to define God? Some have said that God is the creator of the universe, but I don’t think that is a helpful answer. Scientists can try and try to figure out how the universe began, but they won’t ever know. A better definition of God would be the collective thoughts and emotions of everyone on Earth. You might wonder why we might limit ourselves to Earth when there are definitely other planets out there that are governed by universal laws, but I don’t think we know enough about the universe to broaden our definition to include them. A more useful definition of God would be limited to Earth because that’s all we can really handle right now.

The God that was written about in the Old Testament was actually smaller than a God of the entire planet. He was only written about by a small portion of the planet. He was mostly concerned with the wars and relationships in the Middle East. He seemed to ignore the Europeans and Asians. They didn’t write about that same God. They wrote about some totally different stuff.

Jesus had a better idea about defining God. He said that God loved everyone on Earth. He said that God wants people to get along and try not to hurt one another. This brought about an awesome transformation in human culture that made people a little bit less selfish. They gathered in Churches to be taught why we should serve one another and serve God.

Today we can see another transformation happening right before our eyes. The internet has created a way for us to learn about people on the other side of the planet. People are much more informed about world events. We are becoming a more global community. It’s time we redefine God as the collective well being of everyone on Earth so that we can work towards that goal. It’s time we understand that we are all part of God and God is in all of us, and the only true way to do that is to admit that the God written about in the Bible is not our God. There are many differences. Our God is characterized not by his separation from us but His connection to us. Every choice we make has an effect on the world and there is no bigger effect than ours.