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Blood Moon

The world is changing. The Bible tells us that in the end of the age, the sun will be dark and the moon will be red. These events have actually been happening, and this year marks the beginning of a new age. The new age will bring with it new social consequences. Humanity will become mature in its evolution. We will understand what was written by the prophets long ago, and we will find meaning in it. Humankind has tried and failed to interpret God’s Word throughout the centuries, but in the new age understanding will come. We will stop the separation of religions and cultures, and through technology, will bring the world together as one.
Philosophy will replace religion as the leading source of Truth. We recognize that Truth and God are one, and as we contemplate the meaning of life, we will bring forth a new way of life. The way we have described God in the past is only a partial understanding. We have always used the Sun to symbolize Gods power and light, but God is more than this.
Symbols in the sky will always shed light on the changing of times, and the procession of the ages, but we have only had a partial understanding of this. Through science and philosophy, we will understand the elements and spirits that inhabit celestial beings.
The Moon was made a marker of the beginning of the new age, and so the Moon takes on new meaning. Together, the Sun and the Moon will bring a duality to Spirituality. As deities in their own sense, they will signify balance between light and dark, male and female, body and spirit. Through science and reason we will have methods to explain philosophy and spirituality, and with guidance from the Moon and the Sun we will find meaning in Life.